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Wildsama x SNI

Learn how Moonsama’s technology contributes to the preservation of wildlife in one of Africa’s greatest reserves.

Moonsama partnered with the Sovereign Nature Initiative (SNI) and the Kenya Wildlife Trust (KWT) to leverage Moonsama's technology and the power of the community to turn online gamers and NFT enthusiasts into biodiversity advocates

Wildsama collection: 400 Lion NFTs

Follow your Lion NFTs as they evolve with their real counterparts, growing from cubs to adults in their prime.

Unique NFTs based on real-world animals from Kenya’s Masai Mara region, made possible by the
Kenya Wildlife Trust

The collection is available exclusively on Moonsama’s NFT Marketplace Raresama.

Meet your lion

Join your cub in the Pondsama Metaverse and cuddle, play and care for them. Through gamification, the cub NFT will evolve into its fully grown counterpart and reveal its true nature; Lion NFTs are updated with real-life data produced by Kenya Wildlife Trust, provided through SNI. Traits, alliances, coalitions, are all registered and brought on-chain.

Driving change

Through the initial sale the collection raised a substantial sum for KWT and their work of restoring and conserving biodiverse ecosystems.
The NFTs will continue to generate revenue to support the organization through secondary royalty sales.
So far the funds have significantly helped KWT’s research efforts, supporting their expansion to include three new additional conservancies (Ripoi, Nashulai, and OIerai). These improved data collection and analysis abilities are essential to the overall success of predator conservation initiatives within the landscape. Moonsama players are truly making a real-world impact! 

About SNI

The Sovereign Nature Initiative (SNI) enables companies to create a verifiable nature-positive impact by connecting ecological data to digital assets. We build at the intersection of ecology, economy, and emerging technologies to introduce new funding mechanisms for biodiversity protection and restoration.

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