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Multiverse Portal

The Multiverse Portal is a SaaS tool enabling rapid architecting and management of NFT ecosystems.

The Multiverse Portal offers an end-to-end solution that provides unmatched utility to both administrators and users

For Administrators:

Run your own instance of the Multiverse Portal

Brand it and customize it to match your specific needs.

Decide which Web3 assets are recognised by your Multiverse Portal

Whitelist the ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155 tokens that’ll play a role in your ecosystem.

Distribute rewards across your community

Users can see available rewards in the MP’s UI and “summon” them directly into their digital wallet of choice.

Connect games and applications to your instance of the Multiverse Portal

Connected apps can read MP’s asset data, unleashing the associated utility of imported / enraptured NFTs.

Enforce ecosystem rules

The Multiverse Portal can be signaled to apply disciplinary actions should an account be in breach of user guidelines (i.e. stopping a user account from summoning available rewards if there are signs of inappropriate behavior or cheating). 

Define the interactions between different Web3 assets and your Multiverse Portal

Allow for unrestricted import/export of an asset or apply special conditions (i.e. an asset being burnt when imported).

Scale, scale, scale. Add new NFT collections

Expand to other chains. Connect new games. The Multiverse Portal can grow at the same pace you do while still providing a simple tool to manage it all.

For Users:

Flexibility of access

Embrace Web3 by using DIDs to access your account or stay business-as-usual by logging in with your e-mail address.

Protect your assets

The MP limits asset exports to the same addresses the assets were imported from.

Easy navigation

The MP provides a clear overview of each user’s account. Manage your NFT Portfolio by quickly importing/exporting assets. Summon available rewards directly into your wallet. Make key decisions about your NFT’s utility (i.e. select a wearable in-game skin unlocked by an imported NFT).

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